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About us

The Kyrgyz Stock Exchange Press Club (KSEPC) Public Foundation is the first professional platform for economic journalism development in Kyrgyzstan. KSEPC is currently engaged in a number of externally financed projects in Kyrgyzstan in the fields of budget transparency, public accountability, and community participation (Soros Foundation); increasing access to information on the economy and markets (Centre of International Private Enterprises); and in transparency and access to information on corporate governance (Centre of International Private Enterprise).

KSEPC first began activities in the mid 1990s to develop the capacity of journalists to report on economic issues following the initiation of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, and its principal staff brings over a decade of experience in professional journalism and the financial sector. KSEPC was founded with the mission of increasing access to information on finance and economics and increasing journalists’ competency in financial market issues. In addition to conducting training in the fields of journalism, public relations, business and government, KSEPC provides special trainings for mass media on state and local budgets, information technology, and economic development.